Cricket Betting

One of the most loved sports to ever be played, cricket is also known as ‘The Gentleman’s Game.’ The title is justified since there is a certain elegance to the game and the way teams play it. Although only 12 countries are included in the list of teams by the International Council of Cricket (ICC), the sport has fans throughout the world. And Bet365 cricket betting platform has it all!

How to Play It

The rules of the game are quite simple. A cricket match happens between two teams. The squad of each team consists of 15 or 16 players. However, the number of players who play the game is 11. The playing 11 consists of a combination of batsmen and bowlers. The main goal of a bowler is to take a wicket, whereas the batsman is concerned with hitting the ball to score runs. Every team has a captain who acts as the in-charge of the squad and vice-captain, who serves as the advisor and the acting captain in the absence of the team captain.

Teams play a match in overs. Each over consists of 6 balls. The number of overs depends on the format of the cricket match. The boundaries include four runs and six runs. A toss happens at the very beginning of a game. The team which wins the toss chooses whether their team bats or bowls first.


Cricket consists of various formats. They are:

T-20 International

This is the shortest form of a cricket match. It comprises 2 innings, where each game consists of 20 overs. A T20 International can be played either during the daytime or at night.Average scores can be anywhere between 150 to 180 runs per innings.

One-Day International (ODI)

This format of a cricket match consists of 2 innings of 50 overs each. This type of cricket match, too, can be played during both day and night time. It is less fast-paced than a T-20 event but has more popularity, and people consider it as the primary format of an ideal cricket match.

Test Match

A test match is quite different from the other two formats. It is played throughout a maximum of 5 days unless the game gets over before the duration of 5 days. There are several innings. There are short breaks after every session, which helps the players to recuperate. 

A cricket match can either end in a win, a loss, or a draw.If a team can pass the threshold of runs in the second innings, they win. On the contrary, if a team fails to do so, they lose. If a team reaches the exact threshold of runs but doesn’t exceed it, the match becomes a draw.

Tournaments & Leagues

Several cricket leagues happen throughout the year, including both international as well as domestic cricket. All of these tournaments are very famous in India, and the population loves whenever they get to enjoy a match with their national team. Some of the major sports are:

The World Cup (50 Overs)

The biggest cricket tournament in the world is The World Cup. ICC organizes it every four years. International teams compete for the ultimate trophy. Qualifiers are held every year to determine the entry of underdogs.But most of the time, the national teams that have been played for years get the chance to compete.

T20 World Cup (20 Overs)

This tournament used to happen after a gap of 2 years. But now, it is said to take a four-year gap. This tournament has a massive fan following and is one of the most-watched sporting events.The competition happens within a short period, and every match takes only a few hours to complete.

Indian Premier League

Similar to the Big Bash, this league is held in India and is the most loved event of all time. IPL is held every year and comprises teams of several Indian states. It is the most popular cricket tournament in India and also the biggest cricket tournament in the world with millions of views. 

Types Of Cricket Bets

Cricket betting is quite popular all around the world. Several bettors place different types of bets using online betting websites. One of the most preferred sites for online betting is Bet365 since it is very secure and has a simple yet dynamic interface. Few of the different types of bets include :

Bet on Result

You can place this bet on a team which, according to the bettor, has a chance of victory. Betting on the result is the most general kind when it comes to online cricket betting. A lot of people like to bet on other odds than this to win more money.

Bet on Series Winner

People place this bet on the team, which is assumed to emerge as the ultimate winner of a tournament or series. Such a bet comes with huge prices, but it takes a long time to get the results. Usually, you have to bet before the tournament starts and wait until the event ends.

Bet on Toss

Bettors place this bet on the team, which is assumed to win the toss at the beginning of a match. It can be the quickest way to earn, and there is no skill needed for betting on it. Newbies like toss gambling since there is a 50% chance of winning.

Bet on Final Score

One places this bet on an assumed total, which would be on the scoreboard at the end of the favored team’s inning. The scoreboard will show possible outcomes on the site. One has to choose from those outcomes or place their predictions.

Tips For Cricket Betting

There are several tips and tricks which one should keep in mind while placing a bet. Professionals use specific strategies that ensure their winning in more than 55% of their bets. If you are willing to be the next legendary bettor, you need to trust your brain more than your guts. One must follow these steps to bet on any cricket odds:

Security of the site

One should always choose a trustworthy website that has been authenticated and has proper safety protocols for payment gateways. Without ensuring this, the amount they have deposited, and the amount they have won, both can face vulnerabilities. As a result, make sure to check a website clearly before betting and check their HTTP and other security factors.

The weather

Assessing the conditions of the pitch and weather is imperative before deciding on placing a bet. The analysis of reports will help you in making a smart and sensible move. A cricket game has effects from bad weather, and it can ruin any assumptions you make if you aren’t careful enough. Keep an eye on the weather broadcast and the temperature.

Information about the players

Knowing the weaknesses and strengths of every player is key for making a smart bet. Therefore, proper knowledge of the game is necessary to make an informed choice. Professional bettors memorize all the essential details of each player of both teams, and it helps them to make imperfect statistics on their minds. They follow and win from it.