E-Sports Betting

The E in E-Sports stands for ‘Electronic.’ It is a competition in which video games are present. Multiplayer games are the central theme during an e-sport event. Professional gamers take part in the event. An e-sport event may require players in teams for the event, or it may be a solo event.

This form was not very popular during the early years. A gain in popularity happened when the gaming culture gained an audience. Earlier, professionals were usually not a part of these types of competitions. The recent ‘live-streaming’ phenomenon has successfully managed to increase the popularity of this genre of sports.


There are different categories of game genres that include themselves in such competitions. Some of the various types are Moba, FPS, and RTS. Some of the famous games which are popular among the masses in e-sports are League of Legends, Overwatch, Counter-Strike, etc. Others who have recently gained popularity are – Player Unknown’s BattleGround (PUBG), Fortnite, etc. Several Tournaments that happen have massive fan-following.

Revenue Generation

The main form of revenue generation is streaming. The E-sports industry earns billions annually. The main reason for this surge is the easily available streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. The AdSense revenue, when combined with sponsorships and promotion campaigns, accounts for the insane amount of profits. E-sports events are quite popular in Asia, Europe, and America.

Famous E-sports events

Several young, enthusiastic, and professional gamers from all around the world have their very own channels. People have developed a keen interest in watching e-sport events online. Some of the most-streamed e-sport leagues are as follows:

League Worlds

The biggest event which has millions of viewers is the ‘League Worlds’ event. This event is usually held on an extended timeline of a month and garners tons of views. In 2019, this was one of the most-streamed events. The event took place in 3 cities in Europe. The peak viewership reached almost 4 million.

Fortnite World Cup

Another event which recently took the virtual world by storm was the ‘Fortnite World Cup 2019’. The game gained massive popularity in the past few years, and it was proven last year when the peak viewership reached almost two and a half million.

Free Fire World Series

Another game’s competition from the battle royale genre, which managed to accumulate millions of viewers, is the ‘Free Fire World Series.’ The event happened in Rio in 2019. The peak viewership reached more than 2 million viewers. 

Types of bets

All major sports competitions wager bets on different aspects of the game. The E-Sports genre, too, is not altered in this respect. People bet on several major gaming leagues and competitions which happen throughout the world. Two of the most common types of bets are:

Individual Bets

This type of bet is placed on one individual when two players are competing against one another.It can vary depending on the kind of games and can be placed anytime during the game.

Future Bets

A person places this bet on the final result of a competition taking place between two individuals or two teams. There are several odds in this case, and a bettor has to choose the best one from those odds. 

Betting tips

Several traps try to rob people of their money in the betting business. Therefore, some things should be kept in mind while placing bets on individuals or teams. Want to win on an E-sports bet? Make sure you follow these instructions:

The first and foremost rule of betting is that you should be sure of the website you are using to place a bet. There are many malicious betting websites present which are designed to lure you and then rob you of your money. Make sure that the site you choose is one that is certified and has secure payment options.

Be sensible while betting. The fan-favorite doesn’t need to emerge victoriously. Sometimes the underdogs are the ones who take everyone by surprise. Therefore, make the right choice by taking the time and analyzing all the details.

If you are betting on a team and a member of the team has left, rethink your decision because the absence of one player can change the overall dynamic of the team. Make sure to understand the replacement’s gameplay and strategies before going ahead with your decision of betting.